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Alpbach in Motion [in short AIM] - the summit of emerging leaders - takes place as an official event of the European Forum Alpbach. It has seen more than two hundred participants in recent years. The most important part of the program has always been the group of people who come together for the annual edition of the event. In order to promote a "network of trust" among the former participants of AIM, to give them the opportunity to play a greater role in the program setting of the Economic Symposium and to maintain the link between the generations of recent years and new generations, we have founded the official Alpbach in Motion Alumni Club. If you have been a participant of AIM, join the club and become part of a unique network that carries on and promotes the spirit of Alpbach. The membership is free of charge and is exclusively addressed at former participants of Alpbach in Motion - Summit of Emerging Leaders. >> JOIN THE AIM ALUMNI CLUB

About Alpbach in Motion - Summit of emerging leaders

Alpbach in Motion is a three-day summit of aspiring executives and entrepreneurs, which takes place within the framework of the European Forum Alpbach. The aim is to provide a platform to rethink leadership in the 21st century while connecting the next generation of decision-makers. The annual event brings together committed people from various business backgrounds, such as start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, social enterprises and the creative industries, to exchange specialist knowledge and personal experience on today’s structural challenges in business and society and to spark new ideas in solution-oriented dialogues. As an incubator for new ways of leadership, Alpbach in Motion aims to encourage young emerging leaders to facilitate change and fresh ways of doing things in their industries, networks and in a broader social context. >> LEARN MORE ABOUT AIM AND APPLICATION MODALITIES

You can’t make the economy of tomorrow work with the tools of the past.
That’s why the European Forum Alpbach has launched a summit for the next generation of business leaders.

(Charlotte Steenbergen, COO European Forum Alpbach, AIM Event Coordinator)

About the European Forum Alpbach

The European Forum Alpbach [in short EFA] is a leading interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business, and culture. It is run as a non-profit association based in Vienna, Austria. Established in 1945 as ‘International Summer Seminars’, it is independent of ideological, religious or political worldviews. The annual edition of the conference and the accompanying events throughout the year address the relevant socio-political questions of our time. The European Forum Alpbach connects international decision-makers from all sectors of society with an interested audience and committed young people from Europe and other parts of the world. Its goal is to create and promote a dialogue across generational, ideological, and other boarders that divide us. >> LEARN MORE ABOUT THE EUROPEAN FORUM ALPBACH

Alpbach in Motion, the summit of emerging leaders during the European Forum Alpbach.

Benefits for club members | Why should I join?

Get access to and (re-) connect with all generations of AIM  from 2013 onwards.

Receive invitations to events that are hosted by former participants throughout the year such as company visits, social events or lectures.

Join a selected network and get involved in the activities throughout the year with exclusive insights into other companies and industries on an informal and personal level.

Nominate potential participants for the next Alpbach in Motion summit.

Join the AIM Alumni Club & get involved

By sending the electronic form you become a member of the offical Alpbach in Motion Alumni Club (Alpbach in Motion Alumni Verein).
Please, read the bylaws of the association (Vereinsstatuten, German only) and confirm below that you want to become a club member.
The membership is free of charge and is exclusively for former participants of Alpbach in Motion – Summit of Emerging Leaders.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!


For any inquiry write an e-mail to

Alpbach in Motion Alumni Verein
c/o Europäisches Forum Alpbach
Franz-Josefs-Kai 13/10 1010 Vienna, Austria


Members of the association board (Vereinsvorstand):
Christoph Wenna (president), Jordan Georgiev, Harald Kollmann, Anca Malavasicn, Bettina Nahajowski,
Charlotte Steenbergen, Slaven Stekovic
Bylaws of the association (Vereinsstatuten, German only)
Th association is registered at “Landespolizeidirektion Wien, Referat Vereins-, Versammlungs- und Medienrechtsangelegenheiten”  with the ZVR (Register of associations) number 1740305448.